Why Choose AcuityCRM.

AcuityCRM  is an indispensable tool. In a highly competitive sales environment, you can’t afford to allow your sales team to spend several hours on logging call notes, entering lead information in excel sheets, searching for information spread across disparate systems, and doing other dull tasks. With AcuityCRM in place, you can NOT ONLY improve your sales team productivity but also accelerate growth by building strong customer relationships.

Here are ways of using AcuityCRM to fuel your company’s growth:

Manage all contacts and attachments in one place

Active networking is the lifeline of any company. Your teams constantly stay connected with prospects, customers, investors, influencers, partners, and advisors. AcuityCRM helps you store all the contact information and track all the related activities in one place. Contact data centralization and seamless accessibility ensures that there are no duplicate contacts, the sales team doesn’t waste time on searching and retrieving contact information, no two team members engage with the same contact, and the entire team is on the same page.

Build credibility among investors

When investors take interest to fund a company, they want to evaluate the company’s past performance and its potential for growth. AcuityCRM can provide the desired information accurately. You can use AcuityCRM data to show investors what your company has achieved so far and how the pipeline looks for the next few months. You can forecast sales and justify your calculation with real data.

Never miss a prospect or a follow-up

Your sales team working rigorously to keep the sales pipeline full. In the busy schedule, sales associates can easily fail to notice an inquiry which is buried under a pile of other inquiries or forget to follow-up on lead. With  AcuityCRM in place, your sales team can always stay on top of all the important tasks and prioritize the ones that do need personal attention.

Identify sales patterns

Do you want to know what your most successful sales associates are doing differently to close more deals? Or do you want to know what products, which province, or what channels is driving most of your sales? Then you need AcuityCRM to uncover such details. Because AcuityCRM tracks every sales activity, you can slice and dice AcuityCRM data to discover sales trends and otherwise untapped sales opportunities.

Standardize sales process for fast-growing teams

To successfully convert a prospect into a customer, sales associates usually take a set of repeatable steps. Add these repeatable steps as tasks in AcuityCRM to standardize your entire sales process. Use AcuityCRM’s powerful features  to move deals from one stage to another. This way you can always be sure that your sales associates – both experienced and new – follow a standard sales process and close more deals.

Spend less time reporting

AcuityCRM reports allow you to convert raw data into meaningful information to gain deeper insights into your business process. Generate reports, pivot tables, and charts on your team’s activities, sales pipeline, or any other performance indicator to get a sense of your business growth and identify areas that need improvement.

AcuityCRM is one of the most powerful tools that your business needs to organize your business data,process and build a great relationship with your customers right from the moment you signup.